Pecan Tart? Say less, read more! Chef Mike got you.

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Pecan Frangipane:

220g butter

220g sugar

220g pecan flour

4 eggs 

1 tablespoons whiskey

60g flour

1/2 tablespoons vanilla extract 

Cream butter and sugar

Add eggs & vanilla one at a time

Add pecan flour and flour 

Put in pastry bag

Store bought:

Orange Marmalade 

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Tart Dough:

260g flour

80g egg yolk

100g powdered sugar 

115g butter

25g water

Mix flour, sugar, & butter and mix until it forms a sandy texture. Add egg yolk and mix until it forms a dough (add water if need). Form into a ball, try not to overwork dough and flatten ball into a disc. Wrap and refrigerate for an hour. 

Roll dough out  between parchment paper and drape over a greased & floured 8in tart pan. Prick the base of tart and refrigerate for 30min

Place foil over tart with weight (raw rice, beans, or nuts) and blind bake for 20min at 335°. Take off foil and weight and bake for 5min more. Cool and clean off edges 

Assembly & Finish:

Spread some orange marmalade on the bottom of the pre baked tart

Pipe in the pecan frangipane to fill the tart and smooth the top

Place chopped pecans across the top 

Bake in the oven at 335° for 35-40min, until frangipane is set 

Immediately after taking the tart out of the oven, brush orange marmalade over the pecan tart

Cool & Serve

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Tips & More:

-Orange Marmalade is store bought, another fruit marmalade can be used or no marmalade at all

-An 8in tart pan with a removable bottom was used for this recipe 

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