Want to know how Chef Mike makes his Peach Cobbler? No more guessing!

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Preheat oven to 400°. 

Peach Filling:

910g Frozen peaches (thawed)

100g sugar

100g brown sugar 

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon allspice 

25g flour 

1/4 teaspoon almond extract 

50g butter

1/2 tablespoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoon whiskey 

-Make sure frozen peaches are fully thawed and with a spotted spoon place in mixing bowl

-Mix the rest of the ingredients with the peaches

-This can be done between stage 1 and stage 2 of the pie dough

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Pie crust:

250g flour

1 teaspoons salt 

115g butter (cut into pieces)

115g organic palm oil

2 tablespoons sugar

100g water

1 egg white

25g sugar

Crust (Stage 1): 

-Whisk flour, sugar, and salt (by hand or in a stand mixer)

-Toss in butter and palm oil, continue to mix until it forms a large crumb 

-Add cold water and mix until it forms in to a dough 

-Sprinkle flour on top of a clean surface

-Lay dough on surface and knead dough to form into a ball

-Flatten the dough to form a disc, wrap and refrigerate for at least 30min

Crust (Stage 2):

-After dough has rested in the fridge take it out and divide into two equal portions 

-Roll both portions (on the floured surface) into circles that are at least one inch bigger than the selected pan 

-Grease the pan all over with palm oil 

-Lay one rolled out dough into pan, it should slightly drape over the edges

-The second portion of rolled dough will be sliced into 6-8 even strips and used as the lattice  top layer

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Assembly & Finishing:

-Sprinkle sugar across the entire bottom layer pie crust 

-Pour peach filling in the pie crust

-Add top lattice pie crust layer and make sure to seal the top layer to the edge with the bottom layer of crust

-Brush egg white on the top pie crust layer and sprinkle more sugar on top

-Bake in oven at 400° for 30min

-After 30min of baking, take out the peach cobbler and cover with foil and bake for another 20-25min. 

-Remove peach cobbler from oven, remove foil and let cobbler cool

Photo by Damian Redd © DR Photos

Tips & More:

*this cobbler was made in a 10in cast iron skillet. It can also be made in a 8in, 9in, or 10in pie pan or aluminum square pans of same dimensions 

*Almond Extract enhances flavors of fruit, especially stone fruit, but can be removed from recipe.

*Be sure to have a baking sheet tray placed in the bottom of your oven just in case the cobbler bubbles and overflows (especially if you are using a smaller baking pan)

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